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Work Surface

VLite offers a high-quality, versatile wooden work surface, which is created as per the individual requirements of the office. We design our work stations in a way to improve the productivity of the employees, by giving them adequate personal space to perform their daily work. Our unique work surfaces are not only creative in style, but are also high on functionality, to ensure the best output from the employees.

Length 900 1200 1200 1350 1350 1500 1800 1800 2400 2400
Width 600 600 750 600 750 600 750 600 750 600
  • — 25mm Thickness with 2mm Edge Binding
  • — Provision of support of Gable End/Partitions/Metal Base
  • — Availability of Pre-Laminated Particle Board
  • — Choice of Shape- Liner or L-Shape
  • — Exposed Edges are finished with 2 mm PVC Lipping
  • — Fabricated out of 25mm Chipboard finished with 1mm High

The Work Tops is made of 25mm thick plain particleboard. The surface will be post formed by 0.8mm thick laminate to provide rounded edges. The bottom surface will also be laminated. PVC brackets will be will support the worktops. The tables will be lipped with PVC edge band of 1.0mm to 2.0mm thickness. The work surfaces can also be offered in Single piece with out any joints, profiled by special CNC machines. The CNC machine provides high level consistency in dimensions and curvilinear profiles.

Following are the Exclusive features:

a) The tabletops will be provided with wire manager for cabling.

b)The work surfaces with straight portion are offered with post-formed or curvilinear profiles to add to the aesthetics and ergonomics.

c) The Work surface / overhead shelf can be fixed to any desired height and subsequently changed to any height very easily without the necessity to dismantle the complete system.

d) The works surfaces are offered in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the functional / aesthetics requirements. E.g. Typical computer workstation, peninsular, circular, semi-circular, elliptical table tops.

Discussion and Conference Tables

The discussion and conference tables are also offered to meet the complete office needs. The supports will be made of either steel pipes or 25mm Pre laminated board. The legs will be provided with leveling screws. The Tabletops are post formed or lipped with PVC edge band. The conference tables are made modular to increase / decrease the capacity.

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