High quality desk-based system

Desk-based System

Every office has to create space to accommodate multiple employees working and make it comfortable. Open and Interactive offices is the new trend as it improves work flow and communication and makes the office look less cluttered and adds to the office aesthetics

The desk based systems are made of 25 mm particle board and come in 2 styles– square legs or round legs.

Also the manufacturing is done in such a manner that it enables electrical fixtures and switches to be fitted perfectly within the design of the panels.

Length 900 1200 1200 1350 1350 1500 1500 1800 2400 2400
Width 600 600 750 600 750 600 750 600 600 750
  • — Height is 750mm.
  • — Fabricated out of 25mm Chipboard finished with 1mm High Pressure
  • — Laminate on top with Balancing Laminate
  • — Metal Side is made out of MS of 1.2mm thickness or a square legs 50X50mm
  • — Powder coated with a provision of enclosed Wiring
  • — Modesty Panel & Sides are made out of 18 mm Prelaminated
  • — All the Edges are finished 2mm for top & 1mm for rest of the material

The Desk Based Work Tops are made of 25mm thick plain particleboard. The surface will be post formed by 0.8mm thick laminate to provide rounded edges.

1) The tabletops will be provided with wire manager for cabling.
2) The work surfaces with straight portion are offered with post-formed or curvilinear profiles to add to the aesthetics and ergonomics.


Square legs with chrome caps to give elegant finish. Vertical Riser of 30x125mm for wire movement.
25mm table top made in Prelam particle board


50Dia – Round legs with aluminum die cast joinery.Raceway of 125×60 mm for horizontal wire movement.
25mm table top made in Prelam particle board

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