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VliteFurnitech is a one stop shop for all kinds of workstation furniture. We have a large variety of products which every organization, may it be large or small, would want to get installed in their premises. Not only do our modular office workstations look trendy but are also strong, efficient and designed in the correct way to make working on them much easier. We excel in making high quality work surfaces, side tables made with metal and small partitions which are installed on common workstations.

Desk-based System

Vlite Furnitech’s Desk Based Systems in office are ideal for today’s modern and more aesthetic. As office space density has increased, these work tables give more openness as there is no or a negligible partition. Sleek and simple, the Desk based Systems in office create an open and interactive atmosphere, improved air circulation and reduces energy lost in cooling through absorption. This system is a well suited sustainable and economical solution for large offices with huge number of employees.

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Partition-based Workstations

Vlite Furnitech brings together elements of simplicity and functionality to generate a positive and creative workspace. Our Partition Based Workstations provide employees adequately private individual spaces as required.

We provide wooden partitions with magnetic coverings, fabric or just laminate .

Glass partitions with aluminum paneling gives a very professional look to the workspace.

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