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Cafeteria Chairs

Modern multi-purpose chairs offer stylish seating for all your multi-function rooms and break rooms. From cafeteria room chairs and nesting chairs to break room chairs and office bar stools, we have the right chair to meet your needs. Mix and match our modern multi-purpose chairs to create an innovative, comfortable environment with stylish seating for everyone.

Bar Stools

This is our collection of stools that can be used in any office. Built to a commercial standard, our range of height adjustable and fixed height stools are made for any type of requirement.

BS ~ 01

BS ~ 02

BS ~ 03

BS ~ 04

BS ~ 05

BS ~ 06

BS ~ 07

Stackable Tables

Stackable tables are able to provide an excellent solution if you need to save space or you have a meeting room that needs to be used for a variety of purposes. These tables have a unique folding system so can be stored away easily when not in use.

Reda ~ 01

Reda ~ 01

Reda ~ 02

Cafeteria Tables

A progressive series of tables with an elegant design, the cafeteria table range is available in different shapes including square and rectangular so that you can create a wide variety of configurations depending on what you need to achieve.

Lisbon Table

Janic Table

Janic Table ~ Isotop

Janic Round Table

Lisbon Round Table

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