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The Various Designs of Modular Workstations

Workstations can be of various kinds. It depends on how much area is your office, what is the shape of structure of the room in which you are going to install the workstations and also what is your design theme. Offices where creativity and team work is done in abundance the structure of the workstations or how the workstations for each employee are placed would matter as every employee needs to continuously interact with each other. For example, in an advertising firm or a firm which deals with media and entertainment. However, a product designing or say product manufacturing firm may need the employees to have their own private space and need to be seated a little away from each other, here the workstation placement needs to be different. Ofcourse, it does not depend on the kind of business or work your office does to decide on the place of the workstations but it can play a major role. Let us see the various kinds of designs available to structure the workstations in your office.

Linear Pattern

This is a most common and highly used pattern of office workstation furniture. This pattern means the work stations are placed at regular intervals on a single and straight workstation unit, in a single line. There can be many workstations ranging from 3 to 20+ in a linear workstation, Call centers or BPO offices have such patterns of workstations are they have to seat their employees in a single line and the manager can be placed at the ends of the line. He or she can see the entire row in one glance and help with problem solving. Here each individual gets his or her space but with 2 employees seated on either side. This pattern is good when you have large halls in your work space and need to seat a large number of employees. This pattern also reduces the cost in wiring the workstations and hence is economical on the budget.

Curvy Linear Workstations

Modular workstations can also be made in right angles. Here the pattern followed is when each employee is seating at right angles from one another. There can be clusters of 4 workstations and each one is divided with partitions. Each employee gets a corner and hence can be seen by other 3 employees on when they stand up. This kind of pattern is very useful when each employee needs his or her individual private working space but the office does not have enough space to build cabins or cubicles for them. Large companies where there are a lot of higher level management employees, each individual cannot be given his or her cubicle, that is where the managerial staff would usually get such work stations on the working floor. There is an advantage, the manager can be placed near to where his team is working and hence is more approachable to the team. Modular office workstations built in this way can seat 4 employees at a time.

Single Seating Workstation

Single seating modern office workstations are either installed inside a cabin or even if it is on the floor with the other employees, it is placed in corners of the working floor. This is a pattern which is built for the use of just 1 employee and have enough storage or even a glass partition to the desk to get complete privacy and silence while working. Again, this pattern of workstation office furniture is made for even higher level management.

Similarly, workstation furniture for office can also be made in clusters, like employees sitting in clusters of 5 to 8. The workstations will be designed in pantagon and octagon shapes. Such patterns of modular office workstations can be used by any company to design their office space.

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